Dumb up as a coach - Dick Bennett. Often coaches with 30 years of experience will say and do things that are easily understood to those with 30 years of experience but goes over the head of the athletes who are trying to learn the game. Teach at the pace you want your team to play. If you teach in hurried fashion, your team will play hurried. If your teachings are hurried and not explicit, the team will reflect the same pace and sloppiness. Players do not know the vocabulary. Even coaches that are developed in our other systems may not grasp what is trying to be communicated. What is a rip through to one coach is a “wipe” to another. Players inherently are very prideful which often leads to reluctance to ask questions. You cannot assume the athletes are rooted in a solid foundational knowledge of the basics of the game. A surefire way to ensure quality in player’s base knowledge is to ask them! Coach Gregg Popovich asks his players questions regularly regarding opponent scouting reports. Keep the players on their toes with a ton of questions.