IZZO, SUTTON, & more


"Players today want to spend all their free time shooting," Izzo said. "Far too much time is spent working on scoring and not enough on dribbling, passing, rebounding and thinking basketball. That's what we have to do on a regular basis."

Rebounding has become a fixture in our program," Izzo said. "It's become a rite of passage with the players

Remarkably, MSU beat Arkansas that night in November 1995, collecting 25 offensive rebounds in the process. A light bulb went off above Izzo's head. "That's when we decided we were going to emphasize defense, running and rebounding," Izzo said


The edge McFarlin enjoyed inside cannot be counted on in future games, making it all the more important for Graham to provide a lift. Graham encountered foul trouble in each of Oklahoma State's sub-regional games and averaged 7.5 points and 2.5 rebounds. His 15 points in the tournament is one less than guard JamesOn Curry scored in the second half against Southern Illinois.

"I hope we can get in his head," OSU coach Eddie Sutton said.

"We've been doing a lot of counseling with him. Maybe we're talking too much to him. If I ever coached again as a young coach, instead of having that extra assistant I think I'd get me a psychologist."


"There is only a half step difference between the champions and those who finish on the bottom. And much of that half step is mental." — Tom Landry, Hall of Fame football coach

"A life is not important, but for the impact it has on others' lives." — Jackie Robinson, Hall of Fame baseball player

"Could I be a coach and lose? To me, that's like asking if a guy can be a good doctor even though his patients keep dying." — Red Auerbach, Hall of Fame basketball coach and executive