Bob Huggins Clinic Notes

Down 17 fairly late in game. Called timeout and said that Kenyon Martin had to touch the ball on every possession. If anyone shoots before Kenyon touches it, he won’t play again….start rallying, getting stops, scoring. Cut the lead way down. Trim the lead to 2 points. Get a steal with time running out and pass it down the court to Dermar Johnson. Johnson stops at the free throw line and holds the ball. Everyone is screaming for him to lay it up. Then Huggins realizes that Johnson must think that they are ahead. Finally, he goes ahead and makes the layup to tie the game and send it to overtime. They go ahead and win in OT…..as Huggins and Johnson walk down the tunnel to do media, Huggins asks Johnson why he waited so long before he shot the layup. Johnson said, “I couldn’t remember if Kenyon had touched the ball yet, and I want to play!!”

Man-to-Man Defense
Cut the floor in half.....guard the box….keep the ball there….(as ball goes to wing, the box shrinks….ball to corner, it shrinks more)
Look at what you do!!!!!
Game has changed
People shoot 3’s off direct passes. Step-in 3’s…..easiest way to score is off direct passes. Example: shooting drills – we throw perfect, direct passes
Passes that hurt us are direct passes, not lobs, bounce passes, wrap-arounds
Now, help & recover is “in-line” instead of ball level
Old days, defense off-the-ball was flat triangle
???Lots of people teach to see “ball & man”. They teach to point with the “pistols”…..that is great if the ball and your man never move!
???We don’t want the ball in the center of the court, but we deny wings!!
Defend direct passes and 2nd shots
???4 on 4 shell….we help across the lane with our weakside big and expect our 6’ guards to help back and box out a 6’10” guy who already has inside position!
Get to the ball!

“4 on 4 +1”
- The 1 is in the post – can’t throw straight to him
“4 on 4 +1 at the top” (for penetration)