Various NBA Quotes

Samuel Dalembert, on fear:

“I would say that fear gets in my way. I want to be able to make a mistake. But the fear of being penalized when you make a mistake - that’s the biggest fear. Sometimes you don’t have that leverage, so you make one little mistake and you don’t have the opportunity to make another one.”

Darius Miles, speaking a few years ago on how he’s changed:

“When I got here, they made this a business. They took the fun out of it. They really made me miserable. I had fun with the Clippers. I had fun in Cleveland. Imagine if your boss took the joy out of (your work).”

Classic exchange when Scott Skiles was coaching the notoriously rebounding-averse Eddy Curry in Chi-town:

Reporter: “Scott, what do you think Eddy can do to improve his rebounding?”

Skiles: “Jump”

More from LeBron:

“I don’t fight. That is so grade school. I stopped fighting a long time ago. I don’t need to fight anymore.”

Paul Pierce on his relationship with Gerald Green:

“I tried to take him under my wing. I tried to work with him. There were days when I’d come in and play some one-on-one with him and show him some stuff that I do to get better. But you’ve got to have the work ethic.”