Work Better: Attitude & Perception

Make your work easier What is difficult and what is easy? Very often, it's nothing more than amatter of your perception and your attitude. When you decide that something is difficult, you're sending a message toyourself that you expect to struggle with it. And whatever you expect,you are indeed likely to get. What usually makes something difficult is your reluctance to do it. Eventhe most complex challenge can seem relatively easy when you'resincerely enjoying yourself as you work your way through it. The way to make your work easier is not by avoiding it or resenting it.The way to make your work easier is by embracing it with gratitude andenthusiasm. Imagine how truly dangerous and grueling daily life would have been ifyou had lived a few thousand years ago. Look at your tasks for todayfrom that perspective, and you'll be thankful for the opportunity to bedoing them. Choose an attitude that will make your work not only easier, but also more effective, creative and purposeful. Feel great about what you'redoing, and what you're doing will surely and reliably bring greatthings. -- Ralph Marston