Learning from TV: HBO's Hard Knocks

"'We can't even teach him anything.' Yet still he's the hardest worker on the field."

The Las Vegas Sun website ran an update from the UNLV football teams training camp in Ely, NV. Within the article it mentions that senior running back Frank Summers gained some inspiration from T.O. If you get a chance to watch a few episodes, it is a great series. I used to come to the camp in Oxnard, CA when Bill Parcells was the head coach. It seems to be a stark contrast in coaching styles with Wade Phillips. Here's a portion from this article.

In Ely this week, during the little bit of free time he's had, Frank Summers didn't necessarily learn something new while watching HBO, but rather had something he values dearly reinforced.

"I was watching that show 'Hard Knocks' the other night, I see (Terrell Owens) catch every ball, run fast, big, strong, that guy is unbelievable," the UNLV running back said of watching the cable series documenting Dallas Cowboys training camp. "And yet the coaches say 'We can't even teach him anything.' Yet still he's the hardest worker on the field. Even though you're talented, you still need to work. And that's just been me, a blue collar player, a blue collar person my whole life."

The opening scene of last week's debut episode of this season's 'Hard Knocks' showed Owens running early in the morning on the beach, working out on his own.

Summers has emulated that to an extent this week as the team trains in the mountains, staying each day after practice for extra work, be it while running against a bungee cord or practicing blocking techniques on a sled.