The Survey Says: Trends in College Hoops

Luke Winn did an interesting report on trends in college basketball. Check it out here. A few stats that i found interesting.

* The national average is 68.9 possessions per game.
*Only 30 out of 301 teams claim zone is their primary defense
*There is an average of 1.34 international players on every roster
*92 of 301 teams didn't have a single international player
*16 of the 21 teams with 4 or more International players were located on a coast
*There is an average of 1.19 four year transfer per team
*The ACC has only 1 team with more than 1 transfer
*99 of 301 did not have a JUCO transfer
*There are only 2 JUCO players in the ACC
*The Big Sky has an average of 6.2 JUCO's per team and the Big West averages 4.8
*Teams with 4 or more JUCO's centered around JUCO hotbeds Texas, California, Utah/Idaho, Kansas/Missouri
*72.1% wear Nike
*26.2% wear Adidas
*Not one Pac-10 team was in the top 20 for spending
*142 of 341 head coaches were previously head coaches before their current position
*58 of 341 head coaches were promoted from within
*128 of 341 were hired after previously being an assistant with another program
*13 of 341 came from outside college basketball (such as High School, NBA, retired, etc.)