P.R. Ploy: Loyola holds Curry Scoreless

Loyola and fiery coach Jimmy Patsos lost to Davidson 78-48 the other day but the what stole the headlines was that they shut out the nation's leading scorer Stephen Curry and held him to 3 shots. They assigned 2 players to him from beginning to end. Basically the game was played for 40 minutes with Davidson on a 4 on 3 power play. Many have questioned the tactic including this article. For Loyola to garner this many headlines, the move may have been beneficial for the notoriety of the program. In the spirit of the game, double teaming one player when the tactic clearly was not getting the team any closer to winning is up for debate. As one of the craziest stories of the young season, it ranks right there with Coach Patsos sitting in the stands after an early technical foul.