Coach Bill Brown Perseveres at California University of Pennsylvania

Ray Mernagh does a fantastic job covering the mac and midwest hoops. His website hoopwise.com always provides some good insight. Ray did a nice piece for the Pittsburgh Sports Report on Coach Bill Brown at California University of Pennsylvania.


Coach Brown has type 1 diabetes and an infected blood blister in his foot turned into a major physical setback.

Doing what they had to do meant amputating Brown's right leg just below the
knee. Life on life's terms was suddenly looking Brown in the eye.

He didn't flinch.

"As a coach I talk to players all the time about walking the walk and not just talking the talk," says Brown. "That served as my motivation during a long rehab that included some setbacks. I had to realize that I had to accept it, accept life on life's terms and move forward by focusing on the positives. I had to walk the walk."

Since the amputation, the Vulcans have had the two best years in the program's history.

Pretty inspirational perseverance by Coach Brown. A great reminder of how often we take our health for granted.