Coaching U Live 2010 - Highlighted Notes

July 20-21, 2010
Las Vegas

Quick Notes

Kevin Eastman


Don’t post up, post across
Own the midline
Theres rarely bad second shots
Be a niche guy
Rim running takes no skill just will
Fist fight to get open, foot fight to score
Leverage game, lower shoulders wins
Perpendicular post (15 foot, heals to baseline)
As the level of play goes up, the floor shrinks (guys are quicker, longer)
Post moves: Your feet get you advantage, the ball separates
“Butt into thy, no deny”
“When in doubt, spread out”
“sprint to spacing”
“pause for poise”
take away a deny arm (make defender turn his shoulders, get wide into their arm)
post – see cutter all the way to rim, Celtics score on delayed cutter passes

OWN-RENT-HOMELESS post position

Steve Nash said he didn’t have ”enough solutions” in his game
Figured out what gave him problems in every scenario & found a counter
Offensively, post should keep eye on his defender, not the ball
Log your defender mentally, whats he doing, what can you do
Is he ¾ hard on post ups? Move your post higher next time
Does he relax on passes out of post? False post him then bury for repost
Go over must-screen situations
Pick n rolls: arrive without your defender
“never let them foul your shooting hand”

Garnett post: draw contact, step top leg behind defenders bottom leg, use upper body to get wide knocking defender off balance over your top leg

Brendan Suhr

Allow players to draw up plays in practice and direct the team

Fran Fraschilla

Use charts for progression for each area of the game to implement in practice
Evaluate your drills with your staff, what can you do to better teach the part
No shot fakes, just rip and go moves
If passer throws to your inside shoulder hes telling you that you are open, if he throws to your outside shoulder, you need to make a play

Kevin Eastman

Don’t stop at hard, get over it
“1 more” culture

championship nature over human nature
possessions derived from…
there are no voluntary champions
expect – inspect

Coachmanship – leaders define reality
Chase the dream, not the competition

You’ll never outperform your belief system

Scrimmage but after game point, use a validation free throw to seal win. If miss lose 3 points. Chart clutch free throw makers.


Force hang time passes

Take out the trash – don’t let things linger or it will stink it up for everyone