Two times when guards always screen:

1. Flare when
1. ball comes toward you
2. ball goes away from you
2. Split – after post feed

Halfcourt Offense – try to create a 6 on 5 game
2 3on3 games going on at the same time
Backpick and repick on the
we never set an elbow to elbow screen unless a slow big is guarding our 4

4 out 1 in

Flare Screens – toughest to defend when ball coming toward or going away from you

Game shots, game spots, game speed

Switching picks – talk it, touch it, switch it
Use only two key words: 1. switch 2. stay

Post Feeds
The most effective post feed is the in-out-reposition – practice it!
Never pass to the middle third of posts body
Always pass away from the defense to maintain the posts advantage
The best way to defend the post is to keep it out of the post

Defending the deadball out of bounds
Keep back of head and crack of butt pointing at basket
Keep a low stance and trace the ball

Most Important Block Out in the Game
Block out the man who shoots off a dribble drive after getting a hand up to his drive

Offense is spacing, spacing is offense

2 Keys vs. switching defense
1. be decisive
2. be aggressive

Receiving a screen
The closer the screener is to you, the deeper you must take your defender to set him up

Mantra of How to Play the Game in All Situations
1. Who am I
2. Who are my teammates
3. Who is guarding me
4. Who is guarding my teammates

Helpside defense
1. Nobody cuts below you to the rim
2. Nobody crosses your face without a bump

Big Man Screens
1. Nonshooters always roll
2. Always screen in if on the outside

Post Reads
1. Wings
a. Always fill both corners when a big turns to the baseline
2. Opposite Post
a. To the mid-lane or high post on baseline turn
b. Cut below if post turns toward lane

Post Play
1. All about contact
a. Make and maintain contact
2. Never overrun the paint when making a cut
a. Stop at the basket and hold your territory

When your man cuts to the lane and clears out to the weakside you must yell clear

Defending a cutter to the post
Never let your man cut in front of you
Take the cutter on and move into a denial stance

3 Reasons to Dribble (rules)
1. Make the dribble take you somewhere
2. Acquire balance
3. Break the 5 second count

Pass to corner for only two reasons
1. feed the post
2. shot

5 Keys to Defense
1. Stance
2. Vision
3. Hand up on shot
4. Blockout
5. Traveling on air of the ball

Never attack a backdribble defensively. Get lower because the offensive player is preparing to reattack

Rebounding vs. a mismatch
You have a rebounding responsibility: make sure you man does not get the rebound even if you don’t get it.

Receiving a flare
Dive – defender goes over or under early
Take it – defender goes with your body over the screen
Pop – defender goes under screen so you start to run off

When ball goes in the post, we must fill the funnel lines
Get in the passing lanes and vision of post player
Transition – 1st 3 Steps are most important on offense and defense!
This where you beat guys down the floor
The only time you can lose view of the ball on defense

Defense is played in multiples of 2’s and 3’s

9 seconds left on shot clock we call “balls”—1 thru 4 switch everything

All picks on ball must be called out
1. pick
2. left or right
3. red or hard show or squeeze

Defending Mismatches
1. Big on small – gap on perimeter
2. Small on big
a. Pressure on perimeter
b. Wrap up in post

5 on perimeter
Pass and pick for a small
Especially when 5’s defender sags off

Ball Handler on a pick on ball
Must set up the angle of attack
Must have a change of pace
Must come off screen should to shoulder, hip to hip

Give your eyes to every pass

3 Times of the Game to Be Selfish
1. Coming off the pick on the ball
2. Get the ball in the post
3. Get an offensive rebound

Anytime you receive a skip pass versus a man defense you are thinking shot or drive vs. closeout
Be decisive
Never use a shot fake against a closeout

Guards never pick up a dribble and only dribble with a purpose

Never Spin Dribble in the backcourt vs. a press
Use a pullback dribble to keep vision

Press Offense
First priority is don’t get sped up
Look to score
Know if it is a dead ball or if the inbounder can run the baseline
Inbounder must know the 5 second count
Always look to bypass with wings
There is no 5 second count in backcourt, 10 is a long time if you take your time
Every catch should be with butt to sideline looking up the floor

Priority Looks
Up the sideline
“Pull” call by wings
Wings should down sidelines
PG’s defender is between him and ball
5 dives to a near corner
4 looks to throw over to PG

Conversion Defense
Force on one side of the floor
Keep hands down and wide until into attack area then get hands up

Post Play
Play small to smaller throughout the entirety of the move
Get head around and eyes up early to shot
Find or feel the pressure and count the pressure
Play small to big in the post
Get toes to the ball when you post up
Bar your arms at right angles when you post up
Forearms parallel to the floor

Play within the plane of your body with the ball on offense
Short fakes, bent arms

3-2 zone
1. High Hands
2. Ball Pressure
3. Block Out
4. Keep ball out of post
5. No dribble penetration
Ball goes into corner “superman” (top of key fronts post)

Post Defense
White is our full front
Butt front with bigs, face front with guards
Full front
1. mismatches
2. when post player is below first hash
3. vs. in, out, repost