Gordon Chiesa

Teach people how to score and they will listen on defense

Erratic play results from not screening, cutting, passing, spacing well

Casual Cutting – read, react, counter, explode

The slower and less athletic, the more screens you must set

Teach players to create separation from the defense

Quality of offense – move well without the ball as a unit on the pass and the cut
Finish your cut if you don’t receive a pass
Drags defender with you
Cause confrontation for the defense
Go at their body.
Winners roll to basket. Losers step back.
The better the shooter the easier for the screener to a get a paint cut.

Space & Respace – Robert Horry. Great teams respace after the ball moves.

Execution Culture – try to win every possession. Win the possession.

What is your culture?
What do you believe in?

There are no lay ups in big games.

Culture About Rebounding – teach getting inside position
Finish the offensive rebound. Space and respace after the offensive board. Expect the rebound.

Cutting is underrated
Little Things make an offense – roll hard and complete with head under the basket
Paint catches deep in the paint, body to body. 20 points scored because of deep catches.
Hands and feet are your career.
Teach to bar arm using forearm
Slow down in the post on face catches. Catch and step. Pass on the numbers. Passer sets the screen 90% of time in split game.
Cutter should walk man down
Screen under the bar arm, jump stop into a screen
Partnership of Screening – play the game horizontally
“peek” to see what you man is doing vs. screen
Slip to basket. Often open other side.
You must have quick release at 2 guard. Shot preparation is key.
Vs. Switches
Cut to be free vs. cut to be guarded
Raise hands above head and yell I am open

Everyone cant learn the same way
Cant teach everyone the same way
You be the heavy every day

Inner peace with your superstar

Everyone goes small in game 6&7 of NBA
What is your best team to win a game now?
4 man setting split screen
Your Voice is Your Choice
Correct with clarity without taking it personal. Non-demonstrative. Praise loudly.

Spend too much time doing it the wrong way.
Lambast a player and lose for a month.
Be strong but be different.
Correct it and out of there. Praise – prompt – leave