Pump Collegiate Business Conference '10 - Brian Curtis, Paradigm Sports

Pump Collegiate Business Conference 2010

Brian Curtis – Paradigm Sports

Spoke about the realities of getting coaching positions and his experience with Parker Search firm. Without getting into a lot of the statistics, here are a few of the highlights from his presentation.

Titles are devalued. Alabama football has 9 assistant or associate head coaches.

Traits of successful interviews/candidates for head coaching positions

1. likeability
2. experience as head coach
3. interpersonal skills – connecting with the AD, president, etc.
a. he says he knows with first 2 or 3 minutes if it is going to work
4. school or conference affiliation
5. strong media and public speaking skills
6. likeability
7. respected network of vouchers (Pumps, Nike, other AD’s)
8. NBA experience not necessary a factor
9. education and demonstration of a commitment to academics
10. aura of a head coach
11. knows how to appeal to an audience
12. likeable

In an interview:
Do not give opinions; you never know who has a different opinion
Stay neutral
Do not over promise
No x’s and o’s
Leave them with golden nuggets they will remember
These are their mental signatures of you
Examples and stories leave marks
Bring human element in, wife & kids
Emotional stories

Assistant coaches, get an agent only if you need help marketing yourself

Resume – 2 pages acceptable
no objective or skill section
education and job history
5-6 specific bullets of each job: finance, recruiting, marketing, position coached, players, fundraising, scouting reports
other relevant experiences

Have plans for first 100 days, first 30 days
Academic program
It could be a grand slam or strikeout
If you do well in interview, then they don’t like it then it hurts you
May keep in case, you feel interview didn’t go well then give at the end