Backcut / Dive Defensive Drill
Beat & Belt – Izzo video

Screen Defense – all 3x back and forth
Jam Drill – Back and forth up top
Up and under vs. non rolling threat
Up and over – trap
Up and over recover vs. popper

MSU trail everything
Outside/ inside – follow outside buttcheek, then inside buttcheek
On Pin Downs Trailer steps out then in to get around back of screener
Big Shows to prevent hard curl
Vs. Double
Big steps up, back big zones – stop slip and space
“step up, zone under”
Back guy has first cutter
Back man/zone man talks
Step up man gets back to man

Low man wins
Chicken Wing ‘Em – break there sternum, leg step between there legs
Make em quit trying – your job easier
5 on 5 war – pts only on defensive rebounds, -1 for offensive score
Wedge ‘em low like a wedge
Don’t go back on your heels
Players should grab ball at rim
When MSU committed to rebounding went up to 17 off. Boards
4 to boards guards get 3.5 boards, 3 then 2.5 orebs

Post Defense
¾ - Chicken wing (elbow behind) (post def. grab shirt and but forearm in ribs)
If post spins on shot, hit with chicken wing (don’t extend arm)
Constantly force him down

Move on the pass, not on the catch
Try to beat ball to the catcher
Weakside – 2 feet in paint

4 to boards advantages
Mental edge in rebounding
Rebounding – not cutout
Hit, find, get
Aggressively go get – always above rim, net, or head
Offensive rebounding – avoid contact, read rebound (not path of least resistance)
2 step – jab and go opposite

3 on 3 continuity
Elbow and block always covered
Recover to help always
Never let cut in front
Jump and pressure ball
Yell “joe elbow” instead of help