Clinic Notes: Bob Knight

Bob Knight

Assign a notebook and pen as a big deal
Give nothing Xeroxed to the players
Make them write it down
Check their notebooks
Even scouting reports – you understand when you write something down

Teaching has become a profession where we don’t use consequences
Rarely have I prevented kids from playing
I punish the team
Ran them to death to get rid of them
Running bothers them
Make the others run while the culprit watches
Get kids to pay attention, play hard, play to win
Respect vs like
If you think about whether people like you or not, you will make a lot of bad decisions and you cant coach
Run 51 miles if you miss shoot around
A sprint down and back
Remind kids you are there to help them. They must know this. Have former players come back and reminisce on how tough it was.

Bring in others to talk to players
Music school guy

Define them for players
Mike K at Army
I got to guard and not the throw ball away
I thought I should have played more
Keep practice stats. Logic
Define. Understand. Accept. Fulfill.
Toughness is a role in itself.

Let players decide everything you don’t care about
Cool Runnings – movie to watch

Talk with kids at least once a week for 5-10 mins
Familiarity can to lead to lack of discipline, keep some distance
Hes not your buddy or pal when you play for him. When you leave he is a really good friend.

Evaluate Players
Its not the structure of the press, it’s the quickness of the players that get things done.
Their press will be our offense.
We all try to do to much with out teams.
All the tricky stuff on Sunday was thrown out by Wednesday.
Evaluate team and play the best way

Emphasis in a practice
Blockout, screening, helping
In season – point of emphasis for game
Walk through
Morning before class
Afternoon before meal

Observation comes from concentration
Recognition comes from observation
Action comes from recognition
Recognition comes from action
Recognize, anticipate, make play

Sweat with players, can never be too prepared

Think of ways to raise money yourself
Campus relationships
Disparity of thinking at every level of athletics
Speak in other classes
Run players if the players miss classes

Newell- you are not a social worker
Don’t enable the deviants. It retards the rest of the teams progress.