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The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have. -Norman Vincent Peale

It's great to see players go get in amazing shape preparing for the draft. Kills me tho that some go through college then be at their best

Studying some trends in high school rankings to college to the NBA draft. Interestingly, Findlay had 3 of the 16 youngest guys in the NBA

Good to see UNLV alum get a ring. All those hours in the gym he made himself into a player & deserves to be a champion

If u love high school hoops history u gotta follow . Delivers some of the best facts & stories on twitter.

If APR base had been at 930 (which it's moving to) instead of 900 this year, CBB would have ~60 teams ineligible for '13 postseason play.

There's a dilemma in HS age media. Glorify kids into Internet stars but no one wants to single out a kid for foolishness & understandably so

Hope the up & comers watch the Dream Team doc. The stars wanted to compete to prove who is best. See a lot of dodging & ego preservation now

More good commentary from combine: "Still plays with tunnel vision", "What does he do without the ball that translates to the NBA game?"

Great stuff from scouts at combine "Has a kid been coached HARD?", "Has he modified his game to play with talent?", "Will he accept a role?"

Good lessons from the playoffs: 1) The game requires initiating contact to get what & where u want 2) Win the collisions 3) 1&2 are mindsets

2 questions i ask in evaluating: 1) does his play translate to helping win big games 2) how hard is he to scout & take away what he does

Hardest to play against & stop: 1) playmaker for others 2) relentless hustle guy with skill 3) disruptive defender who changes your offense

Easiest to play against & stop: 1) scorer who doesn't hit open man 2) guys that need a pass to get the ball 3)transition dependent players

High Field Goal Attempt , low rebounding #'s, + high turnovers = hyped based on high volume usage not substance & efficiency.