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The bottom 20 high major (For simplicity: ACC,Big10,Big12,Pac12,SEC,BigEast) teams in scoring had 3 players total selected in the draft.

The top 20 high major scoring teams combined for 35 players drafted. Does talent allow up tempo play or up tempo play let players shine?

The 2 basic statistics that most translate to having value at all levels are Defensive Rebounding & Free Throws Attempted, Toughness stats!

16 of the top 19 high major defensive rebounders (that were draft eligible) were selected including 9 of the top 21 picks! Rebounders wanted

6 of the top 8 in free throw attempts per game from high majors (that were draft eligible) went in the 1st round. D. Lillard was 5th in NCAA

Damian Lilliard averaged most shot attempts per game of any 1st round pick at 15.47. Harrison Barnes next at 13.68. Be efficient & rounded!

Kevin Garnett will make the most NBA salary ever at $321,000,000. Under 20ppg career avg but #2 all-time rebounder. Rebound young fellas!

345 Division 1 schools, nearly 4,485 scholarship players, only 60 players drafted. A LOT of VERY good players undrafted. Lesson: it is HARD!

Joe Dumars said he had 10 to 12 sources of background info on Drummond including his 6th grade teacher. We've get a ton of these type calls

Young players there is a difference in rankings/mock drafts & someone paying you. Character, health, personality are critical to the latter

Make getting drafted a milestone not the destination. For some dropping and having a chip on their shoulder is a blessing

Quick draft count: 9 internationals picked, 6 foreign college players, 7 from outside big conferences, 29 that can play power forward/center

Interesting to see trends toward production over potential in the draft. Now into the role filler part of draft. What NBA skill do u bring?

Potential draftees Findlay Prep played in HS: Kidd-Gilchrist, Waiters, Rivers, Sullinger, Ross, Lamb, Miller, English

Findlay NBA draft notes: 3 1st rounders & a 2nd rounder in last 2 drafts. Produced 3 of the last 12 1&done 1st round picks

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